Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Welcome to the Real World - Enjoy Your Stay.

Some left-leaning NYC college graduates will get a taste of the real world next week. John McCain will be giving the commencement address at their little liberal New School College. And they are just going to have to deal with it.

In the "real world" that is called compromise. Something this group, filled with spoiled latte-sipping brats who probably still use tit milk in their coffee, would not understand; because they have yet to step out of the bubble they call "college".

They will sit there and listen to someone they disagree with. Their response will show how well they are fit for reality. Some will stand and turn their back to him (a sign they are as mature as a Paris Hilton turd). Some will probably make cute signs and try to interrupt McCain, ruining the speech for everyone. But the majority will sit there; they will listen - even though they do not agree with whatever metaphor McCain is trying to use to compare college with real life.

That itself is a metaphor for life. People have different opinions, even in New York. You have to deal with it.

These children should be happy to have a speaker like McCain. They could have sat through mine; given by a dean of another school I have never heard of, who used a turtle on a fence post as a reference to our parents helping us through college. Deep inside, I knew that Domino's Pizza and $0.25 beer night helped out as well.

(Source - NY Post)