Friday, May 12, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Prevention Is The Key Caption Contest
(Source - Reuters)

Top Entries
10. No need for a caption. The photo speaks for itself. - my sister
9. "Whew!" "Bill's Panty Collection Needs A Good Washing!" - radio free fred
8. Prevent the murder of the unborn.Don't vote for this b**ch. - jimmyb
7. Instead of Bill, I coulda had a V8. - Deathlok
6. And just as she was about to announce her intentions of running for president, the republican, ninja, attack monkeys struck... - jwookie
5. Only YOU can prevent President Hillary. - Remulak MoxArgon
4. "Help Prevent Stupidity: Vote Republican" - Wyatt Earp
3. Opposition to Hillary is so rampant that even the media gives not so subtle hints...HAHA! Who am I trying to kid? - GOP and College
2. "If irony gets a condom on every teen boy's schlong, I'm fot it!"- Damian G
1. Planned Parenthood finally comes up with a new contraception campaign both sides can agree on. - Pam

Photoshop Entries

Hillary's pandering to the red states has gotten out-of-hand.
America just is not ready for a female president...from Arkansas.

-The Man

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