Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scott Harper in Drug Rehab: Never Saw That Coming

Scott Harper (aka The Yankee Jumper), is still an idiot. No amount of rehab can cure Harper's cluelessness.

Young Scott Harper made headlines last year after he drank a couple beers at Yankee stadium and then informed some of his friends that he wanted to see if the netting over home plate would hold his weight. So he jumped, from the upper deck and the netting held. Elsewhere - Darwin rolled in his grave.

The NY Post reported that Harper is now in a Drug Rehab clinic. Apparently addicted to Stupid Pills. Personally, I'm glad he is getting help for his problems. Once he's out, he faces charges of reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct, but the charges could be reduced or dropped if he completes his treatment. I wish him the best of luck, really, but he should face the music for his actions.

I'm not done with Scott Harper...or his "friends". After posting about the Harper incident, his friends started posting nasty comments to me. One called me a "f%ckin idiot" then claimed Harper is very "intelligetn". Yes, they misspelled intelligent! The fact is, Harper may be "book smart", but that does not mask that he's a moron in every sense of the word. His "friends" let him carry out the stunt, showing that his disability was only enabled by his deadbeat buddies.

Good luck Scott Harper. Get new friends, don't be stupid. The next time you leap from such heights, I hope it's because you are a paratrooper.

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