Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The President Has Been Impeached

Even Jack Bauer could not have saved this president.

ABC has decided to pull Commander in Chief's final three episodes and replace it with "Primetime" in the 10pm Thursday slot. This would mark the second (and probably final) time that the network has pulled the show.

My wife and I will miss President Mackenzie Allen and her wacky antics. For some reason, my wife got upset when I laughed during the show. CiC had one good Republican (who died) and a really nasty Republican played by Donald Sutherland (I guess Michael Moore was too busy). The only Democrats on the show ended up drugging the "First Gentleman" at a party. So Allen as an Independent, ran the country (until she got canceled). I knew the show was going to be fun to watch when the pilot episode had Allen order "F-16s" to attack Nigeria and a video of F-15s were shown on the screen.

Here are some highlights of Allen's term:
• To become president, she manipulated and then lied to a dying President.
• Within hours of becoming president, she ordered the military into a sovereign country. Mission Accomplished!
• Allen sent the Air Force to bomb San Pasquale to destroy it's coca fields, prompting a coup.
• Within a few days in office, she almost started a war with North Korea.
• She had a "Karl Rove" named Dickie.
• To get "tough on crime" - she invades Hyattsville, Maryland. The show then had to issue an apology to the town for making it look as safe as a Newark crackhouse.

(Source - UPI)