Thursday, May 11, 2006

Patrick Kennedy - Soul Man

Wanted: Pictures of Patrick Kennedy going black-face, with Jheri Curls and a white glove as Michael Jackson. Possible Caption Contest Alert!

The NY Daily News reports that things could go from "sucky" to "really sucky" for boozer-loser Patrick Kennedy (D-RI). Pictures of Kennedy, dressed as Jackson for a party held at his daddy's house, are said to be circulating. If you see one, send it to me ASAP!

Rhode Island Democrats have endorsed his reelection to Congress. I blame it on the angst of telling everyone their state isn't actually an island.

Unfortunately for Rhode Island voters and Patrick Kennedy, the story goes on:

In the early '90s, young Kennedy turned his family's historic Hyannisport compound into a bacchanal, one Enquirer source claims. Exhibit A: photos showing Patrick and his friends doing "body shots."
"After some of his buddies took turns having women at the party lick alcohol off their chests - with Patrick cheering everybody on - he then bit into a slice of lime and took his shirt off," one friend tells The Enquirer. "And then he urged a pretty brunette to
lick tequila off his chest."