Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hillary for President Rally Draws Tens...

Selecting Nashville, Tennessee to host the national kickoff of a website promoting Hillary Clinton for president ranks up there with other Democratic follies like: Dukakis in 1992, Kerry/Edwards in 2004, and the TV show Commander in Chief in 2005.

The national kickoff for was held in Nashville yesterday with lots of nationwide media hype leading in and barely a whimper going out. The group had hoped to draw over 200 supporters in a showing that Democrats (even Hillary) could win in the South.

"The whole point is to go where we're not expected" - Bob Kunst (5/4)

The national kickoff rally drew 20 people and 2 Anti-Hillary protestors.

"Out of small things come very large things" - Bob Kunst (5/23)

Let's just hope that John McCain doesn't choose to launch his 2008 run on the campus of The New School in New York.

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(Source - Tennessean)
Video of the event here (warning: first 15 seconds is a clip of Hillary speaking in Washington)