Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scambaiting Jack Bauer Style - Part 2

What happens when Agent Jack Bauer gets involved in a Nigerian Email Scam? We set out to answer this and have a little fun at the expense of a scammer who is probably boasting to his buddies that he's scamming some guy named "Jack Bauer" from America. Bad things happen to people who scam Jack Bauer, very bad things.

So far, Mr. Luis Rakotozafy, who's father was killed in an "accident" en route to visit the President of Togo has sent us an email. In his time of need, Luis unknowingly contacted super-agent Jack Bauer at our Blogs4Bauer email address.

In return for some help from Bauer, Luis promised 20% of his family fortune. Jack Bauer accepted the mission and offered a little more, a chance for revenge for the death of his father. You can read the entire first part of this scambait by clicking here.

Since the last post, Luis has tried to calm Jack Bauer's desire to kill terrorists and for revenge, while also trying to get us to contact him via phone and fax. RFTR and I decided to take a new route and bring in more members of the 24 crew.

So "Nina Myers" (aka - me) sent Mr. Rakotozafy an email warning him of Jack. In the email, Nina warns Luis that Jack is not to be trusted. To instill trust, we also attached the photo on the right of Jack and Nina together.

Nina also insists that she hasn't seen the correspondence between him and Bauer, but predicts that Jack probably seems hell-bent on revenge more than getting Luis his money. Nina ends the email with a warning that Jack will probably go after Luis once the money runs out.

Next Step: Jack Bauer Responds.

Post your comments on how Jack Bauer should respond in the wake of Nina's email. Luis is still asking for a phone/fax number. We don't have much time. The clock is ticking...

Scambaiting Jack Bauer Style - Part 1