Thursday, April 27, 2006

Roger Toussaint Jail Diary: Day 3

After award-winning coverage of the TWU Transit Strike, GOP and the City has been chosen by TWU President Roger Toussaint to publish a daily "jail blog" from deep inside his jail cell. Each day Roger will post on life on the inside.

Jail Diary: Day 3 (of 10)
by Roger Toussaint

Dear Diary,

There's trouble in the ranks at "Camp Roger", the temporary protest site manned by paid TWU members. The guards told me the residents of "Camp R." have walked off the job, it's a strike! The strikers claim that $24 an hour was an insult, the living conditions were horrible, and Al Sharpton had devoured all the food.

Let me just say that $24 an hour is more than fair, the TWU is asking too much for a job where they just sit there and do nothing. Their protest salary is more than the starting salary of a MTA Conductor. This is the height of hypocrisy.

The TWU has been negotiating with the strikers. So far we have purposed $25 an hour, a port-a-john, and removal of Al Sharpton. The strikers are set to vote on the proposal tonight.

My new Ace-Duce and I are late for knitting class. Roll out.

Roger (aka - #300-06-00-286)

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(Photo - NY Daily News)