Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Roger Toussaint Jail Diary: Day 2

After award-winning coverage of the TWU Transit Strike, GOP and the City has been chosen by TWU President Roger Toussaint to publish a daily "jail blog" from deep inside his jail cell. Each day Roger will post on life on the inside.

Jail Diary: Day 2 (of 10)
by Roger Toussaint

Dear Diary,

The guards took away my gold-handled toothbrush. Apparently someone one the outside thought I could fashion it into a shiv. Lucky for me, Al Sharpton snuck in a nail file, buried in a half-eaten hoagie he'd brought in yesterday morning. The escape begins tonight!

Well it has been 48 hours in the slammer for me and I hear my supporters outside the jail are behind me 100%. For $24 an hour we are paying them, they'd better be behind us. I have heard rumblings that "Camp Roger" does not have running water and a proper toilet. The guards told me that the toilet is not an issue since we are all full of crap anyway.

Gotta go, my new cell-mate told me we were going to have a "Blanket party". That sounds fun!


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