Thursday, April 27, 2006

Missing: 2 Vials of Anthrax

If you find yourself in New Jersey, be on the lookout for missing Anthrax. No, not a couple of tapes of 80's speed metal...we are talking about vials of Bacillus anthracis which are missing from a lab in Jersey. The same state that lost a couple of rats carrying a strain of The Plague. Sweet.

A state-run lab in Trenton ran a inventory check and came up 2 vials short from a supply of Anthrax that was recovered from the 2001 attacks on the Hamilton Township postal facility, which killed five people. The case is still unsolved.

Ironically, the vials were discovered to be missing while the lab was in the process of moving to a more secure building.

It's not known if a simple counting error or if someone walked off with the vials. If you see someone with a couple of vials of anthrax spores -- "which were suspended in a liquid medium in 2-inch-long, capped tubes", you are advised to call CDC ASAP.

(Source - North Jersey)

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