Monday, April 17, 2006

Dumb Criminals Part 6

A couple of daring gas bandits took aim at a new gas station outside Herculaneum, Missouri. These would be crooks really need to work on their skills after a robbery attempt led to the dumbest gas station performance since the freak gasoline fight accident a few years back.

Dumb: Going to a gas station, filling up, and then walking inside to inform the clerk you will not be paying for the gas.
Dumber: Waiting until at the pump to try and cover the license plate. Smile for the cameras.
Dumbest: Going back in and stealing a 30-pack of beer.

When the accomplice grabbed the beer and jumped into the truck - the driver took off; however the accomplice fell out of the speeding truck. Beer and dumbass were seen bouncing out of the truck (and was also caught on video). The two were arrested and charged with misdemeanor stealing. Here is the kicker: they have also been charged with possession of alcohol by a minor since they are only 18 and 20 years old. If I were their lawyer, I'd tell the judge that they were not in possession of the alcohol for very long, gravity took care of that.

(Source - Stl Today)

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