Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

It's a Push Caption Contest
(Source - Reuters)

Top Entries
10. At a MADD rally in Mass. the message to Sen. Kennedy was supposed to say "Go Back 4 her U Lush"! -Sssteve
9. Chuck Norris' body count is about to shoot through the roof. - Mac
8. AP BREAKING: ...In other news their protest of the the showing of Brokeback Mountain read:I WISH I COULD QUILT YOU - Rodney Dill
7. Unfortunately, shortly after this photograph was taken, the Pouponic Blague swept the crowd, killing pillions. - Damian G
6. I guess some things just don't outsource to India well like protesting Bush. - PCD
5. Paris Hilton's recent herpes outbreak has sent millions of nervous men, women, and farm animals to free clinics around the world. - Mac
4. Even people in India don't want anything to do with Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Push Coalition - GOP and College
3. Merriam-Webster is currently reviewing their recent decision to outsource to India. - Renee
2. The scene right before we dropped a Pomb on them. - jimmyb
1. It was soon revealed why Robbie Shankar ticket lines never move. - Eyatt Burp

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