Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stupid Criminals Part 4

A burglar in New Jersey got more than he could handle from a 75-year old grandma, 76-year old grandfather, and a trashcan lid following a botched break-in Monday.

After breaking into a house and setting off the burglar alarm, the burglar tried to escape out the back door. That's where he ran into Vilma Hapstak (75). Vilma grabbed a lid to a trash can and clocked him. The robber fought back by ripping out some of her hair, but she went after him again with the lid.

As the robber fled around the house with the lid-swinging granny in pursuit, he ran into a George Hapstak (76), a former boxer who took a few jabs at him. The robber then made it to his car, but George tried for the man's face and grabbed the edge of his lip. Meanwhile, Vilma attacked the car's windshield with the trashcan lid trying to smash it.

The robber fled in a Green Nissan sedan empty handed and bruised. The Hapstaks gave the police a good description of the robber.

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