Friday, March 10, 2006

Smoochy May Be The Next To Die

(crossposted - Blogs4Bauer)

IMDB shows that from the hours of 8-9pm "John Bauer" will appear, played by Death to Smoochy star, Edward Norton (keep reading for information on his upcoming B4B Fight Club match up).

Before you set your TIVOs to "stun", the NY Post reports that it's just not true. Someone put a false entry into IMDB. This would not be the first time someone messed with our emotions on IMDB. Where do you think we got our weekly "Kim is back" information? Cue the Blogs4Bauer Fight Club music, Samuel L. Jackson is listed as a upcoming guest on Lost (also false).

So who else will NOT be seen on 24 this season (according to Blogs4Bauer):
-Star of the upcoming movie ATL - BIG BOI (pronounced "Big Boy")
-John Edwards
-a menacing cougar stalking Kim
-Edgar and Behrooz's mother
-Chase Edmunds' right arm
-Flavor Flav
-The dorky kid on American Idol
-President Logan's spine

Got others you do not want to see on 24? Post them in the comments.