Friday, March 31, 2006

Rove Involved in Pelosigate

The Democrats have been slaughtered at the polls on the question of National Security ever since Jimmy Carter slithered into the White House. The poor guys finally decided it was time to develop a spine and come up with a plan, and Nancy Pelosi holds up their "Real Security" plan upside down at their media photo-op. Doh!

Irony called, he wants his sign back.

But wait...who is that lurking in the background? Karl Rove! That bastard was behind this all along. As they say in Guinness commercials, 'Brilliant'!

GOP and College has a caption contest for this; Expose the Left has the video. And now time for the Top 5.

Top 5 Proposed Democrat Real Security Measures
5. Blame Bush!
4. Blame Republicans
3. Double-check signs at photo-ops
2. If attacked, see #5 and/or #4
1. Hide Ted Kennedy

Do you have other ideas on how Democrats will provide "Real Security"? Post them in the comments.