Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Devil Went Down To Dubai

"We wouldn't transfer the port to the devil and we won't transfer it to Dubai,"
- Sen . Frank Lautenberg (D - NJ)
Senator Frank "I served with Garfield" Lautenberg found out that calling an Arab country 'the devil' will win you no friends with The Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee. His comments drew a harsh reuke from the AAADC who said that it "values honest and fair debate, and fully supports all measures to keep our country safe." But of Lautenberg's comments they said "comparison of Dubai to the devil is unacceptable."

Lautenberg called the racist mark a "bum rap from a bunch of towel heads". (Just kidding) Give Frank a break, he's 97 years old and remembers the days before we even had ports.