Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bush Gets Polled Over

CNN headline: Iraq drives Bush's rating to new low

The story never changes with these meaningless polls. I am not a professional pollster, but they appear to be over sampling Democrats, while dropping the Republican sample. How can you report on a poll, with a straight face, when Republicans are so under sampled? While Bush has not done a great job in some aspects of his presidency, try dropping the number of Democrats and see where he stands then.

While we are cherry-picking poll data, here are a few other results of the CNN poll:

Even with the Democrat-heavy poll, nearly 70% think the economy is "good". 13% see the economy as "very good", the highest since April of 2001.

Also, while only 32% think Bush has a clear plan for Iraq, only 25% think Democrats in Congress have one.

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