Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Al Gore's 2000 Vote Count Drops By 1

It appears that Al Gore's vote tally from the 2000 election may fall even lower in Florida. No, The Supreme Court did not allow Bush to steal another vote.

A Democrat running for mayor of Tulsa may have voted twice in the 2000 election, once in Tulsa and also by absentee ballot in Broward County (Florida). Kathy Taylor denies the charge, which was brought up by her Democratic challenger Don McCorkell in a heated primary race.

"Let me say this, I do not believe that is true." - Kathy Taylor
Florida election records show Taylor voting absentee and Oklahoma election records show her voting in person. She's still registered to vote in Fort Lauderdale.

Revised Florida Vote Count
Bush - 2,909,176
Gore - 2,907,450 (-1)

Gore still loses...again.

(Hat Tip - Brainster)