Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wild, Wild West

What can we look forward to from the left once the last Birdshot Cheney joke is told? Well here's a letter to the editor from today's AMNY newspaper that could give us some insight into how the loonies are reacting to the story. To sum it up: Republicans should hunt and kill other Republicans.

Wild West GOP
February 15, 2006
Republicans and hunters: NOW don't you think gun control is a good idea?

When even experienced hunters like Cheney and Harry Whittington can get into
accidents, are you so blind and stupid that you can't reconsider your Wild West views?

I suppose not -- you who kill defenseless animals for pleasure, not survival, are far too sick and twisted for sane human thought. I only wish you'd choose fair competition by hunting and killing each other -- but I guess, unlike Wild-Westerners, you're not man enough.
--J. Andrew Smith, Bloomfield, NJ
J. Andrew Smith, you are an idiot.

Update: I have emailed AMNY with this "letter to the editor":
Your paper published a letter (Wild West GOP) from an absolute lunatic in New Jersey. In his letter, J. Andrew Smith, comes to the rescue of "defenseless animals" by stating that hunters (and Republicans) are sick and twisted and therefore should instead hunt and kill each other, if they were man enough. One more time: these evil hunters (and Republicans) should kill each other. That's some amazing logic.

Now in your paper's guidelines for letters, you mention that "writers must mention relevant financial, political or other interest in a subject". Mr. Smith's rantings were not like the weekly Herb Stark irrelevant letters. This letter from Mr. Smith was calling for hunters (and Republicans) to go out and kill each other. Please explain how this is relevant to the subject. Why have guidelines when you fail to adhere to them?

As for Mr. Smith, he should switch to de-cafe, take a deep breath, and chill out.