Friday, February 17, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

What's Wrong With Ew? Caption Contest
(Source - AP)

Top Entries
- GOP and College

9. Ohhh those evil Ew bastards make me so mad. - The Man
8. "Guess we should've checked the dictionary on how to spell ewes" - Rodney Dill
7. Don't pay attention to that bomb belt I'm wearing. George Bush is the real terrorist. - lawhawk
6. Obviously, he left off the apostrophe to indicate the possesive form of EW. Though who EW might be still escapes me. - charles austin
5. FREEBIRD! - jimmyb
-Cowboy Blob

3. "And death to the Ionists as well!!" - Buckley F. Williams
2. "What do we want?!"
"Sex with camels!"
"When do want want it?!"
"We already do it!" - DamianG
1. Now what in the name of hell have lambs done to tick of the Islamofascist neanderthals?! - Gayle Miller

Photoshop Entries

- Cowboy Blob

-GOP and College

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