Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

UNSCUM Caption Contest
(Source - AP)

Top Entries
10. Look everyone, I may have won $10 million dollars in the Publisher Clearing House Contest! - The Man
9. See my Oil For Food certificate? Both Kofi Annan and Saddam signed it! - Dan Mehlhorn
8. Hey look at me!! I won the gayest shirt award!! - Sssteve
7. FIDEL: "One word Hugo: Deodorant." - VOX Poplar
6. Moments later, Castro was dead, beaten to death with a solid gold picture frame by a very highly-placed American CIA operative... - RFTR
5. Hugo Chavez, you've just gotten awarded the despot of the year award, where are you going to go? I'm gonna go to Havana! - lawhawk
4. The Cindy Sheehan fan club displays the oversized thank you card they are sending her. - jimmyb
3. Castro: "Hugo, why does your Yale diploma have George W. Bush's name scratched out and yours written in crayon?" - Wyatt Earp
2. Hugo Chavez holds up his greatest achievment yet...His third grade diploma. - GOP and College
1. "Hey Cheney, can you hit this?" - Rodney Dill

Photoshop Entries

This explains a lot.
-The Man

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