Friday, February 03, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Nuclear Caption Ctontse
(Source - AP)
More spelling errors here

Top Entries
10. In a moment of idiocy, this woman included her lisp in the spelling of her sign. - Wyatt
9. Nuclear energy is our definite ritht......literacy is optional. -Rodney Dill
8. Finally the world has conclusive evidence that Iran is working with the Chinese... - Scott Sala
7. The Iranian Secret Police later changed the typo on this banner after the correct spelling of "Reich" was looked up. - Troll
6. What do you expect? Ted Kennedy spelled the words for my sign. - PCD
5. Hell no, we won't glow...if you deny our ritht to nuclear energy. - Pam
4. E=MS2 just doesn't quite have the same effect. - lawhawk
3. Democrats NEA officials vehemently denied that young Matilda was a product of the US public education system. - jimmyb
2. Is she showing off her bangs? What a whore! STONE HER TO DEATH!!! - Sobek
1. ...But in our own handling of Women's rights, religious rights, human rights we're negotiable. -Rodney Dill

Photoshop Entries

More cartoons have sparked additional Muslim outrage. They are burning effigies of Billy in Tehran!
- The Man


(inspired by Malkin's Blogburst post)

Tehran Tofu
-Joe Mama

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