Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vote or Die: Best So Far - January 2006

GOP and the City has been nominated for Best Political Blog (so far). I've sent my political operatives (RFTR, Wyatt, and my brother) over to the other blogs to slash the tires on their Get-Out the Vote vans.

Vote by sending an email to:
Here are how my votes were dished out:
Best Political Blog
1) GOP and the City
2) Ace of Spades HQ
3) Peakah's Provocations

January's Best Alternative Categories
1) Blogs 4 Bauer

Best Personal Blog
1) Sharp Shooters (aka SYLGF)
2) Conservative UAW Guy
3) 45-Caliber Justice

Best Humor Blog
1) Blame Bush!
3) WuzzaDem