Thursday, February 02, 2006

MSM: Addicted to Spin

Today's NY Daily News has a story on Bush's trip to Nashville yesterday. While the story has zero 283 words, none were on the speech he gave. No, picking up on the "addicted to oil" line, they use the story to breakdown the amount of gas used for the Presidential tour. So what?

Bush's 700-mile trip to give his State of the Union encore speech in Nashville yesterday cost $19,594.25 in fuel alone just for Air Force One, according to government figures.

He will carry his message over the next few days to Maplewood, Minn., Albuquerque and Dallas before heading back to Washington. That's another 4,341 miles.
One of the first posts I wrote (here) dealt with John Kerry's need for a haircut while on a photo-op/windsurfing trip in Oregon. Instead of checking with one of the over 200 salons in the Portland area, Kerry flew a stylist from Washington DC's Cristophe salon, Isabelle Goetz, from DC to Portland and back (5,560 miles roundtrip). In the end, the photo-op/windsurfing trip was cancelled due to wind.