Monday, February 06, 2006

Karl Rove's Tin Foil-Lined Steeler Cap

"Security preparations for this Super Bowl are getting a lot less media coverage than the last 3 did. Which leads me to ask: is Karl Rove planning a terrorist attack during the Super Bowl, in order to set the stage for building towards war with Iran over the coming year?"--Bob Fertik,

Well it's a good thing the Steelers won the game; otherwise (according to Bob) Karl Rove might have triggered an attack on the Super Bowl to start a war with Iran.

Not that Karl Rove's trickery is needed, since Iran seems to be doing a well enough job inciting war without him. But, according to Bob "Iran (like Iraq in 2002), is not trying to provoke a war". I guess when you forget about all this nuclear ambition, talk of wiping Israel off the map, aiding the foreign terrorists in Iraq, and kicking out the UN.....

Being a Steeler fan, I assume Karl Rove also informed the refs that Ben Roethlisberger really broke the plane of the end zone in the first half while they reviewed the play. There was also that questionable offensive pass interference call....well at least one commenter at is with me on this theory.

("Hat" tip - Best of the Web)