Friday, February 10, 2006

Inmate Wants To Run The Asylum

City councilman, former Black Panther and all-around firebrand Charles Barron will run for Congress this fall. - AM NY

Top 10 Changes Charles Barron would make in Washington

10. Block military recruiters from operating in America
9. Introduce bill to apologize for the unjust occupation of Cuba following the Spanish-American War
8. Lobby for a national holiday on August 13th
7. Ban the racist Capitol Hill Black Bean Soup recipe from the Congress cafeteria
6. Jefferson Monument to be renamed "Dead White Slave-owning Pedophile Monument"
5. Slapping nearest white person for mental health would be covered under new Medicare laws 4. Submit bill 11.22v which proclaims: "I cannot believe they elected me to Congress. Haha."
3. Create an alternative to the Boy Scouts, the Black Panther Youth group
2. New dress for all congressmen: grey Nehru collar suits
1. Work to make Congress, a chocolate Congress

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