Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Love New York

Snow days in Tennessee were usually spent wondering why we were ever out of school to begin with. One time in High school, we got out of school for rain (which might have turned to snow, but didn't). This weekend, massive ammounts of snow fell onto the Nashville area, causing schools to be out on Monday.

The unexpected snowfall, which measured three-tenths of an inch in Nashville, came after a weekend storm blanketed communities in West Tennessee and the Cumberland Plateau - Tennessean

Not only are kids taken out of school in Nashville, shoppers decend on Krogers and other grocery stores like the end of the world is just around the corner. You should try finding a loaf of bread and milk 20 minutes after the weatherman announces Nashville could see an inch of snow.

Hundreds of schools canceled classes from West Virginia to Massachusetts, but youngsters did not get a holiday in New York City, where subways continued running and major streets had been plowed despite a record-breaking 26.9-inch snowfall. - WCBS
But at least I grew up in an area where we got a few days off for "snow". Kids in New York city watched the largest snowfall in history with glee, only have their school open on Monday. Talk about angering potential voters, Bloomberg better count off a whole generation of New York school kids as future votes.