Thursday, February 23, 2006

I donated $200 to and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!

Hillary Clinton sends out more junk emails than John Kerry. I didn't think anyone could match the quantity of verbose crap that Kerry sends out, but Hillary has become the top cigar in my gmail inbox.

Last week I received two emails on the same day railing about healthcare (from Hillary of all people). This week I got fundraising appeals from both Paul Begala and Tom Carville (just typing their names gives me the willies). You realize that Hillary has NO competition from the GOP for her Senate race. She already has around $35,000,000 and some change to run a campaign against nobody. What is she raising more money for?

Carville's email is pretty tame, but it does have the obligatory Karl Rove name drop.

Then her latest Republican opponent has a meeting in Karl Rove's office, and
next thing you know he claims she's helping the enemy.
To make her Senate race a little more exciting, Paul and Tom have a little wager on who can raise more money for Hillary. I think the loser has to wear a trashcan on their head.
I know my good buddy Paul Begala yesterday asked you to join Team Hillary - explaining how much we need to count on your support month after month.

I'm writing to you today to add my voice to his. And I have a little wager with Paul that I can recruit more supporters, so I'm adding a special incentive. If you pledge a monthly gift of $20 or more, you'll get a Hillary T-shirt designed by Marc Jacobs.
So you can drop $200 ($20 a month until November), and all you get is a lousy Hillary tee? Hell, I donated $50 to Bush's 2004 campaign and got invited to the inauguration. For those who are don't want that kind of commitment, you have the option of dropping $35 for one on the site as well.

You know, this Hillary Tee reminds me of another famous face t-shirt.