Friday, February 24, 2006

Dumb Criminals Part 2

Helpful Tip for Criminals: Try not to steal items infested with Anthrax spores

The man recovering from exposure to Anthrax after bringing animal skins home with him from a trip to the Ivory Coast in Africa has had a rough few days. First his van was broken into and a ceremonial mask and costume representing Gue-Pelou, God of the Sacred Forest was stolen. A few days later, he fell ill and was treated for Anthrax exposure. He's on the road to recovery; the same may not be true for the thief who took off with the mask and costume, which may be loaded with thousands of deadly Anthrax spores.

New Yorkers, if you see a man walking around in a costume representing Gue-Pelou, it would be a good idea to stay clear.

(Source - NY Post)

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