Friday, January 27, 2006

Weekend Caption Contest

Captain Crunch Caption Contest
(Source - Marine Times)

Top Entries
10. US Navy warship assigned to patrol off the stern of the Kennedy yacht and watch for more possible drowning victims. - BC
9. al Qaeda's navy has chosen.... poorly. - lawhawk
8. "A lesson to all CIV IV players the importance of upgrading their Navies" - sgt Fluffy/fark
7. Hey you pirates! Let us teach you what the American saying, "Opening a can of Whoopass on you" means. COME BACK HERE YOU COWARDS! - Dan Mehlhorn
6. With nothing to do after sinking John Kerry's Presidential run in 2004, the Swiftboat Veterans decided to intercept a North Korean guided missile destroyer for the fun of it. - Damian G
5. The pirates suddenly realized why it was called a poop deck... - Jimmyb
4. - Sobek
3. US Navy: "A-4"
Iran: "US Navy... you sunk my junk-looking, row boat sized, piece of crap tow boat/battleship!" -jwookie
2. After losing to a former penal colony, the United States "kicks it up a notch" in this year's America Cup. - Wyatt
1. - Sobek

Photoshop Entries

"A routine exercise took a tragic twist when the U.S.S. Nyalarhotep accidentally awakened Cthulu."


"Admiral Hockenberger soon realized that his pet goldfish, Mr. Gills, not*really* been dead when his parents flushed him, thirty years ago. And hesoon realized that goldfish have long memories..."

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Men without pants at UE
If this had only come out before I posted this contest....

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