Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Voting Dead: Memphis - Part 2

Archie L. Kirkwood may soon be disenfranchised by Republicans in the Tennessee State Senate, her vote for Ophelia Ford in the September 2005 election may soon be voided. Not that Kirkwood would mind, she had not voted in 10 years prior to 2005 and died two weeks before her vote was cast at a Memphis polling center.

The same goes for Joe L. Light who cast a vote for Ford in September, despite passing away in August. The same goes for four felons, 40 people who cast votes despite living outside the district, 60 voters with signature problems, and 31 ballots with forged signatures. By the way, Ford "won" the election by just 13 votes.

A Tennessee State Senate committee voted 17-14 to oust Ophelia Ford from her Senate seat. The full State Senate will vote tomorrow to decide the fate of Ford. The Tennessee State Senate has an opportunity to right a wrong and keep another Ford from polluting state politics.

Ford has taken the setback gracefully. She lashed out at the vote - blaming it on race and "'Jim Crow'-ism". Jim Crow laws were racist and used to deny African-Americans from the same rights as whites. Ophelia is taking the rhetoric to another level as she thinks the dead should have the same right to vote as the living - especially if their vote (from beyond the grave) was cast for her.

(Source - Tennessean)

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