Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Jersey Donkey May Get Punched

"Dominick the Christmas Donkey'' has a date with a New Jersey judge that could decide the fate of the 2-year-old equidae. 79 year-old Italian immigrant Luigi Catizone was given Dom, as a gift from his son in 2004, to remind him of Italy.

Neighbors say the donkey produces "ear-splitting'' brays at all hours of the night and smells. The 2-year-old burro has also wandered off in search of a mate.
Surprisingly enough, Morris County doesn't have an ordinance regulating donkeys. That would account for the large number of asses from Jersey, with all sorts of smells and "brays", who wander into NYC in search of a mate. (That last part was a joke for my sister in New Jersey)

Note: This has nothing to do with Dominick The Italian Christmas Donkey, my former boss at Dominos pizza named Dominick, or the Tony Danza version of a Donkey Punch.

(Source - 1010WINS)
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