Thursday, January 19, 2006

Jack Bauer's Treo 650 Cell Phone

The helicopter in Airwolf, Alfonso from Silver Spoons, Scrappy Doo, the shorts worn by Erik Estrada in CHiPS, Trogdor the Burninator, and KITT. None of these sidekicks garners as much awe as Jack Bauer's Cell Phone. If you packed in the genius of the Professor from Gilligan Island's, MacGyver's usefulness, the style of Crockett and Tubbs, and the lasting power of Ron Jeremy - you may come close to the mind-blowing power of Jack's cell phone just from Season one.

For Season 5, Jack Bauer's cell phone has already helped id terrorists, organize a raid, and in the process - blew up two terrorists. As a demonstration of it's significance, Jack even carrys a decoy cell phone with a flip front for use when he gives himself up to bad guys.

While Jack Bauer's gun usually gets the glory, without his cell phone I doubt Jack would have been able to save Los Angeles, Kim Bauer and President Palmer over and over again. Had Jack's cell phone been in the good hands of President Palmer, we would still be blessed with All-State commercials every 8 minutes. Logan would still be VP if Jack's cell phone had been with Former President Keeler when Air Force One was shot down by a stealth bomber. Had Jack's cell phone been with Tony after Season 3, he probably would have sold it for smack. Just look what Jack's cell phone has done for Chloe in the off-season; she's a hit with male coworkers and just notched her second shooting of a bad guy.

An inside source at Palm has leaked the Spec sheet for Jack Bauer's latest cell phone to me -behold the Treo 650.

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