Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It Looks Like We Are Stuck With Senator Hillary

A Gallup/CNN poll found that most American voters will not vote for Hillary, if...uhh I mean, when she runs in 2008. The poll states that 51% will not vote for Hillary, while only 16% will vote for her, and 32% might consider it.

The battle of the sexes show an alliance in that 60% of men would not vote for Hillary, while only 22% of women would support her. The good news for Hillary is that 10% Republicans would back her...but only 33% of "liberals" would definitely vote for her. So much for Hillary appealing to both sides of the political spectrum.

If we're going to have a female president in 2008, Hillary (or Condi) needs ABC to cancel Commander in Chief before President Mackenzie Allen gets us in a nuclear war or the ratings continue to fall into XFL levels.

My wife makes me watch CiC and having Geena Davis and her lips run the country beats any anti-Hillary propaganda the GOP puts out. President Allen took office, after she ignored an order from the dying president. Only a few hours into her term, she sent our military into another country. Last week she managed to almost start WW III with North Korea. Hell, one of her kids stole a copy of The Gettysburg Address, which was being displayed in the Lincoln Bedroom. But...the Clinton's were also known to pull "5-finger discounts" on items in the White House as well, so the show is not all that inaccurate.

The only good thing Commander in Chief has going for it is Jack Bauer's dad (Donald Sutherland), who plays an evil Republican (does Hollywood know any other type?) Senator with eyes for the Oval Office. I keep watching and hoping that President Allen visits Los Angeles and becomes a target for a group of bad guys who want to kill the president. President Allen's only hope is that she is saved (in one day) by Jack Bauer and CTU. It could happen.