Monday, January 30, 2006

Blogs4Bauer - 24 Live Blogging

We will be liveblogging 24 tonight over at Blogs4Bauer. For last week's episode we had an amazing 65 comments during ths show (up 76% from our first live-blog post), make sure to check in at 9:00pm and then again at 9:13, 9:21, etc....

Following the Live-Blog, V the K will post a Blogs4Bauer exclusive: TiVo-Blogging of that night's episode of 24 for those people who cannot catch the 9pm showing of the Jack Bauer Power Hour. It's filled with witty comments like "Next scene, the First Lady's assistant found the first lady sprawled out in her bed with her blouse in disarray. Since neither of the Clintons were invited to the treaty signing, she intuits something is wrong."

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