Friday, December 09, 2005

What a Numbskull

A police officer in Norwalk, Connecticut was fired after removed a bizarre souvenir from a horrible accident scene. Liam Callahan arrived at an accident scene and ended up stealing a skull fragment that he planned to use as an ashtray.

(For more on the accident click here, its pretty gross)

The victim's family is suing the city and the lawsuit claims another officer mishandled a similar piece of bone. The family does not know what happened to additional remains that were taken from the scene.

Callahan showed off his booty to fellow officers before storing the potential ashtray in his gear bag, Callahan then placed it in his locker. Later, Callahan called a sergeant "to say he mistakenly left the skull fragment in his locker". Oops.

You want to know the bizarre part of this story? Liam Callahan is appealing his punishment; a hearing is scheduled later this month. How many of you work at a job where you can appeal your punishment if HR finds a skull in your desk?

(Source - 7online)