Friday, December 30, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

GW Phone Home Caption Contest
(Source - AP)

Top 5 Entries
5. "So, Moore thought he was gonna put the star on the tree. Then Cheney shoved it up his corn chute. Now, he IS the star!" - Wyatt Earp
4. "Mrs. Sheehan, just climb down the tree! You have so much to live for! On second thought, JUMP!" - Damian G
3. "And then I unhook your bra...hehehe. Laura, this is silly." - RFTR
2. Is this Jack?Jack Bauer?Yeah, George here.I have a few things I need cleaned up here... - jimmyb
1. "I don't care if you ARE the head of the ACLU, if you think I'm taking down that Christmas tree, you can kiss my merry frickin' ass... it'll be right under the mistletoe!" - Mr. Right

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