Friday, December 16, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

Number One Caption Contest
(Source - Reuters)

Top 10 Entries
10. So this is what one person one vote looks like. No wonder we don't have that in Chicago. - Lawhawk
9. BIDEN: "...And this little piggy went, 'Donald Rumsfeld is a moron who got us into an illegal war for oil!!!' God bless the Iraqi people." - Damian G.
8. Ugh, I gotta start doing the cigar thing.... - tongueboy
7. "What do you mean I only get to vote once?. (chuckles) Silly Iraqi's" - Troll
6. "Pull my finger." - Renee
5. With an error margin of plus or minus 6%, Joe Biden shows a reporter the total number of conservatives that don't think he's an a$$hole. - Jimmyb
4. Do you like your Christmas present? I picked it just for you. - V the K
3. Wow, I gotta tell John, Nancy and Howie this isn't as bad as it looks from back home. - DaveD
2. "And you all thought I'd been sticking my thumb up my own @$$." - G&R
1. "Don't worry if I'm not an Iraqi citizen. Unregistered voters and felons vote Democrat all the time in my country." - Wyatt Earp

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