Friday, December 09, 2005

Weekend Caption Contest

Santa's Little Helper Caption Contest
(Source - Marine Times)

Top 10
10. It looks like Andrew Sullivan got what he wanted for Christmas. -A bunch of men in uniform. - The Man
9. Airman: Santa, you carpet-bombed five soft targets. You do realise that our payload was lethal, not merry, right? - Damian G
8. "Sorry, Santa, but France won't allow you to fly over their airspace." - Wyatt Earp
7. Santa ain't fooling around with Terrorists this year. Forget the coal. Santa is delivering Hellfire missles this year. - PCD
6. Santa, tired of using his eco-friendly (but slow) reindeer and sleigh, thumbs his nose at environmentalists by using a military plane that, he says, "hauls a**." - Pam
5. Tim Burton's movies just kept getting more and more nonsensical... - Adjustah
4. Santa: F!#@ing PETA and their 'Reindeer Rights' campaign! - Buckley F. Williams
3. USAF: When it ABSOLUTELY has to be there overnight." - GOP and College
2. What can blue do for you? - The Man
1. The Christmas season got off to a fabulous start when Santa got the news that he'd be able to use an F-15 for deliveries to Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. - lawhawk

Photoshop Entries

"Santa, on behalf of the entire USAF, we are really, really sorry".
-The Man

-Joe Mama

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