Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Strike Blogging: Wear Comfortable Shoes

Estimated daily cost of a strike to the city - $400,000,000
Average Salary for a Subway/Bus operator - $62,000
Starting Salary for a NYPD Police officer - $25,100
Trying to get support from a public that makes less money (on average), will get less salary increases (3.5% versus the TWU's request for 8%), and will have to work over a decade longer (TWU retires at 55)....while making them walk to work in 25 degree weather - Priceless

I'll be wearing a sign on my walk to work that reads: The TWU can kiss my freezing ass!

These TWU guys have some chutzpah! Here's a TWU Striker who was picketing outside of Grand Central Terminal. I don't suspect a commuter who is facing a long walk in cold weather will have much support for this guy.

The TWU put up a Blogspot site because their main site was crashing (IT must be on strike). They forgot to remove the comment options and many New Yorkers let them have a piece of their mind. Here are a few:

You guys really have a lot of balls. All you do is drive around in circles. Your job isn't hard at all. You get paid as much as cops and firemen, while much more as teachers. Something is wrong.

These jerks have some nerve trying to seek pity.

I have a 16 month old son who will be taken to day care today in his STROLLER. In 20 degree weather. I am paid hourly and will lose today's salary.

You have only hurt your fellow New Yorkers with this strike, mostly in our pockets. Do not expect any sympathy when you can not pay your fines.

I am disabled and dying from Kidney failure on a fixed income, thanks to your selfish strike I have no way of getting to my doctors office or to the hospital for surgery. If my health is affected by your deplorable actions I will not hesitate to sue your 'union'.

I'm glad you guys feel like you are carrying the banner for the labor movement. Truth is you are overpayed.You should all be fired and replaced.

You people are bunch of morons. You want more pay? Better health benefits? Maybe you should have finished high school. Don't hold up an entire city just because you were too stupid to get your GED.

I'll spit at you from now on!

Like small-brained lemmings you follow your failed leadership, endangering your own jobs, and inflicting your self righteousness on millions.

I hope Roger Toussant gets syphilous and dies

This will backfire. I look forward to the trains being automated.

I think you just pissed off 7 million people.

Shame shame shame on all you TWU members.Wake up and get with reality, this is USA in 2005 and not communist North Korea.

How do I get a job like this and get a great pension and allowed to retire at 55?

You can read more here. (517 comments as of 1pm)

Update: as of 3:30pm, the comments have been removed.

1010Wins has more comments here

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