Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Strike Blogging: 5 Hours of Commuting and All I Got Was This Lousy Post?

Question: Who does not belong to this group?
a) Scrooge
b) The Grinch
c) Xavier Cross
d) Roger Toussaint
e) None of the above

Answer: d) Roger Toussaint - because the other three eventually developed some common sense with a little help. The head of the Local 100 has made it known that you cannot spell Toussaint without A-S-S.

Go vote in the AM NY poll asking if the TWU was right to strike (as of 1pm 70% say "Hell NO").

The NY Daily News reports that 2.4% (800-900 workers) of the TWU membership did not drink Roger's Kool-Aid and actually showed up for work. My hat goes off to those brave souls. The MTA even has a "contingency plan" to run limited subway service beginning tomorrow.

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