Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stike Blogging: Shut up and Drive

If you happen to be walking in circles with a TWU sandwich board - things are not looking good for you!

Your beloved TWU Local 100 "leaders" reject 9% salary increases, retirement at 55, and MLK Jr's birthday as a paid holiday...pissing on 7,000,000 New Yorkers in the process.

The International TWU announces they are upset at the Local 100 because of the strike.

New York State Justice Theodore Jones leved a fine against the TWU Local 100 that ammounts to $1,000,000 a day for violating The Taylor Laws. Strikers could face $25,000/day fines which double each day of the strike.

Mayor Bloomberg walked the Brooklyn Bridge this morning and called the strike "selfish and illegal". He also noted that economic consequences of the strike range from severe to devastating.

Governor George Pataki stated that "The TWU has broken the law" and "That is wrong, and they will suffer the consequences. They should end this illegal strike and come back to the table"

Merry Christmas Scrooges!