Thursday, December 22, 2005

Stike Blogging: Denial. Not a River in Egypt

Note: I misspelled "strike" as a joke. Suber noted it first.

Spellcheckers 100 on Strike!
The TWU's website was too quick to promote a poll that shows the public is overwhelmingly against their illegal strike. While trying to spin one question on the poll that criticized the governor, the TWU misspelled "mishandling". Idiots.

In that same Marist poll that the TWU was so eager to promote, 55% of New Yorkers opposed the strike (including 71% of whites), only 38% support it. The same poll asked people how TWU leader Roger Toussaint was handling the strike and 48% Disapprove while only 39% approve.

An AM NY Poll showed that 71% think that the TWU were wrong for going on strike.
A SurveyUSA poll shows that 53% want the TWU Union leaders fined personally.
A NYPOST Poll shows that 73% blames the TWU for the strike. Vote here.

New York does not support your illegal strike. Shut up and Drive!