Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mother Nature's Sense of Humor

There were no grades, pop quizzes or textbooks. But a speech by former Vice President Al Gore at Stanford University on Tuesday night offered more than 1,000 pupils a crash course in global warming. - Mercury News (12/6)

I remember when Al Gore came to New York City to deliver a speech on Global Warming back in 2004. The day he gave the speech, temperatures in The Big Apple dropped to the lowest in 121 years. I almost froze my butt off walking from the Fulton Street Subway station to the World Financial Center.

Low Temp Records set on 12/6-12/7
Lubbock, TX 6°
West Yellowstone, Montana -45°

Missoula, Montana -16°
Seeley Lake, Montana -26°
Potomac, Montana -34°
Drummond, Montana -28°

Val Verda, Utah 6°
Randolph, Utah -24°

Denver, Colorado -13°
Yampa, Colorado -23°
Laramie, Wyoming -25°
Alliance, Nebraska -17°
Iowa City, Iowa -13°
Cedar Rapids, Iowa -19°
Chicago, Illinois 4°
Lincoln, Illinois -3°

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