Friday, December 16, 2005

It's a Strike


TWU Union President: The MTA is putting a lock on the middle class for their workers.

How is that? Their workers make more on average than the subway and bus riders. The MTA offered 3% over 3 years. That is what the average straphanger can hope to expect. They can retire at 55 with full benefits for themselves and family. They pay nothing for health care.

Why does a police officer make less than a subway operator? Same for teachers! I say we cut their pay, replace the subway conductors with computers. Excuse me if I am not sympathetic to a bunch of greedy bastards.

Making us pay increased fares to pay for your bloated salaries is putting a lock on the middle class for us.

Update: It is not a real strike, some busses in Queens will have workers strike. The TWU will strike on Tuesday if an agreement is not signed.