Monday, December 05, 2005

Grin and Bear It

It's now Bear Season in parts of New Jersey for the first time since 2003. The event is expected to bring 5,000 hunters to the area to help thin the population of black bears in 1,600 square mile section of Northwest New Jersey.

The hunt was put on due to increasing complaints about the bears and their incursions into populated areas. Recently a bear bit a camper in NW New Jersey; another bear was spotted a block from an elementary school.

Along with the hunters and bears, anti-hunt activists will also be out in force.

About 50 people were participating, fanning out into the woods to search for wounded bears and photograph and document what they saw, according to Lynda Smith, president of BEAR, which stands for Bear Education and Research.
So much for Intelligent Design. Anti-hunt activists are going into woods filled with gun-toting hunters and will attempt to mess with wounded bears. What could go wrong? Darwin may have an answer.

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