Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Good News From Iraq: Darwin-Style Part 2

Back in November, a couple of terrorists got a face-to-face with Allah when they found out the hard way their car bomb worked. (GNFI: Darwin-Style Part 1)

On December 20th, Tikrit police and soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division responded to an explosion. They found a jihadist who did his best to meet his maker when the 155mm artillery shell he was working with blew up. The soldiers also found another shell, IED materials, and a couple of guys trying to remove what was left of the "bomber" from the scene. "Akmar, don't forget my left leg!"

Attention John Kerry: In another case of Coalition soldiers terrorizing the local population, a convoy of Coalition trucks delivered much-needed supplies to a school in Afak, Iraq. The supplies included: bicycles, children’s tents, toy cars, puzzles, wooden blocks, sport toys, and stuffed animals, 100 pairs of shoes, mattresses, tables and chairs.

(Source - Centcom)