Monday, December 05, 2005

Day by Day Takes on

Day by Day the best political cartoon out there (sorry Mallard Fillmore), took on Moveon's Trousergate in two cartoon panels. The photoshoping story was broken on this website by my brother and soon blew up all over the internet forcing to remove the ad as well as the doctored image on their website.

When I created the contrasting graphic used in that post, I had no idea that it would be spread and be seen on so many other sites. It was even used on Brit Hume's 11/30 Grapevine segment on Fox News.

My only regret is that I failed to tag the image with my site name. Not just because I would have seen my name on Fox News, but for the thought of a bunch of hippies sitting around knowing who exposed them...brought down by The Man.

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