Monday, December 19, 2005

Brooklyn Dems Crook the Books

New York-based charity "Uth-Turn" is a 501c3 Non-profit organization which labels itself an "innovative community focused prevention/intervention program for youth ages 13-21". The group offers counseling instead of jail-time for first-time offenders. The group now finds itself in hot water.

Brooklyn Democrats have tapped the charity as a source of labor to perform "grunt work" on local political campaigns during the 2005 election cycle. Charities can lose their tax-exempt status for participating in political campaigns.

A report on one juvenile stated: "[The] youth is motivated [and] has performed several tasks for officials seeking election." Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino took on the charity citing this was the third Uth-Turn defendant who was used for Election Day campaigns. "The defendants should not be involved in politics," Sciarrino said.

(Source - NY Post)