Tuesday, November 22, 2005

X Marks The Spot

Peter Marshall: In ancient times, after a battle, the losers would present the winners with a handful of grass. What did this symbolize?
VP Dick Cheney: The losers were Democrats!
-quote from
Hollywood Squares

Drudge reported that CNN X'd over Vice President Cheney's face while reporting on his speech on Monday. CNN blames the marking on a "technological malfunction", while Drudge also reported that a control room staffer at CNN reportedly laughed during the malfunction.

Throw me in the camp of "not bias related". Now if a Whammy shows up in their coverage of President Bush, I'll know CNN's up to something.

Update: Someone posted this in the comments. CNN really is the Clinton News Network.

Update: Six Meat Buffet has more screen shots from CNN

Update: Alan Henderson is squared

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